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At Schnettler-Benning Custom Builders, the home building process starts by creating positive relationships and building client trust. Mike Schnettler and Bill Schnettler work closely with customers to design and create unique and individual home plans for unique and individual lots. A computer-aided design center is used to create custom plans in a timely manner and each plan is fine-tuned until it is right for the customer.

Construction on all homes with living space below ground level begins with a strong, dry poured concrete foundation. The vast and valuable experience of Saldana Concrete provides Schnettler-Benning homes with top quality foundations. Above the foundation sit wood floor trusses. Simonson Lumber’s Components Division creates trusses specified by Schnettler-Benning that far exceed the requirements of building code. (Jump on our floors and feel the difference!)

Two by six wall framing is typical, but what clients are surprised to see in our exterior walls is the consistent use of laminated beams and headers. These laminated beams are expensive but very strong and, unlike solid lumber, resist shrinkage. Shrinkage of solid lumber causes most drywall problems and door sticking problems. We avoid these types of problems by thinking ahead and by using top-quality materials. Those materials include Andersen windows, which we feel, after 30 years of building experience, are the best windows on the market. After living in their new homes, our customers agree.

The roofs on Schnettler-Benning homes are built with high-quality trusses constructed by Simonson Lumber. Intricate roof designs are fabricated and made to order. On the exterior of the home, durable, low maintenance products are used. For example, look for exterior stone and brick on Schnettler-Benning homes to be “the real thing” supported on a concrete foundation. Cheap imitations that lack durability and character are not on the selection list. Long-lasting exterior materials that can survive a tough climate are the focus.

On the interior, Schnettler-Benning prides itself on imaginative, unique and high-quality custom work. Custom cabinetry comes from a number of different shops and is chosen to best fit the needs of the client. Most millwork (casing, base, crown molding) is custom made by a custom mill. Because we buy directly from the mill, Schnettler-Benning can offer custom trim at an “off the shelf” price.

The building relationship with Schnettler-Benning Custom Builders does not end at closing. We respond in a courteous and timely manner to all client needs that arise after closing. We pride ourselves on quality and service and our clients are a testimonial to that. During the last ten years, over a third of our projects were for homebuyers who had previous building experience with Mike or Bill. Perhaps it is time for you to find out what past clients have already learned. You can trust Schnettler-Benning Custom Builders to do the job and do it right.

Custom Home Builder | Saint Cloud
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